Cooper's HOA Management.
Dues are assessed on a quarterly basis starting at the first of the fiscal year (Jan 1, April 1, July 1 and Oct 1).
Master Insurance Policy, Operating Expenses including Common Area maintenance such as Landscape Maintenance, Snow removal, Pool/Spa Maintenance. Also Capital Expenses such as Building Exterior painting/replacement, Roof repairs/replacement, Clubhouse repairs, Tennis Court resurfacing, Road repair, Driveway repair, etc. Also included on the dues statement is billing for Comcast Cable TV and Internet.
Included in the package are one X1 HD- DVR, X1 receivers for up to two additional televisions, a combination internet modem/router plus access to Comcast’s “Digital Starter” channel line-up and “Performance Pro” 150Mbps internet service. You will also be able to contact Comcast customer service through a dedicated bulk-customer support number (855-307-4896).
It is the owners responsibility to maintain the heat tape on their unit. Any damage to a unit due to heat tape not being turned on will be the owners responsibility.
Bill Austin Harry Immerman Greg Smalis Charlie Fee Jim Hake (As of Fall 2019)